Saturday, January 31, 2009


Welcome to the official Lambent Fuse blog. The blog will be constantly updated with news, info, contests, giveaways, and much more, so please check back often.

Lambent Fuse is a project started by the writers Matt Cici and David Marketon. The two set out to write a film that was like no other; one that affected all that viewed it. A story so captivating, you’d never forget it.

The writers would like to keep this film as Minnesotan as possible, something as locals themselves they hold dear. There is a true sense to the midwest that Hollywood, or anywhere else, cannot quite capture. The beauty of the rest of the world is often hidden.

But the story within Lambent Fuse isn’t so much about beauty at all. It’s about people’s connections within the world they live and how the choices they make could be intermittently connected to their fate, as is life.

We hope you enjoy the website and blog. Please let us know of any content, news, or downloads you’d like on the site, and be sure to follow the blog for up to the date news on the project.

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