Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress your browser with Lambent Fuse gear.

Lambent Fuse announces its first Firefox Persona, and you can get it HERE.

What are personas? Well, they are “lightweight ‘skins’ that change the look of your Firefox browser” - Mozilla. Behind all of those toolbars on your default Firefox browser lies a regular skin (usually aluminum for macs, or a beige gray for PCs), but with a Lambent Fuse persona, the browser instead holds a Lambent Fuse image, leaving it both easy to read and full of fun.

Firefox represents over 52% of the browser market that accesses Lambent Fuse’s official website, so we’ve created a way for the majority of you to carry the film wherever you travel all of the time.

The persona is titled ‘Lambent Fuse 1’ and is the first of a series of personas that will be released by the makers of Lambent Fuse. Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, is offering their personas as free add-ons to their browser, which is also free.

If you don’t have Firefox, and you would like to take part in the Lambent Fuse persona hype, you can download the browser HERE.

Make sure to get the 'Lambent Fuse 1' Firefox persona and spread the word!

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