Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Production Diary Begins!

Hello all,

This is Matt Cici, director and co-creator of Lambent Fuse. I'd like to present the Lambent Fuse Production Diary. This diary will be used for the recent grant we've received, entitled: 'Lambent Fuse: Moving Ideas Into Words And Then Into Action,' for work on the screenplay,

I will be posting weekly discoveries and creations on this blog. These postings will occur every Tuesday during the time frame June 9 - July 28. I'd first like to introduce to you what it is that I am doing, so here we go.

The research is divided into three parts, all overlapping each other to enhance and develop a more representative screenplay. It contains three components: researching elements of screenwriting, planning a visual screenplay, and testing the screenplay adapted to film.

First, I will investigate case studies and scholarly articles, along with recognized and respected books carrying information on the tools of screenwriting, and some of the best noted screenplays in the industry. In case you're interested, the films are: 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' and 'Fargo.'

Second, I will use this newly gained knowledge to adapt the parts of the screenplay into a storyboard. I will be looking at the film's screenplays mentioned above and matching them to their final products, noting the differences and similarities and overall representation of the screenplay's parts in relation to the film.

Lastly, I will take my research and apply it to the filmmaking process, testing the project visually. In addition to recognizing measures of representation, and looking at the different cinematic aspects of filmmaking (angles, lighting, etc.), I will also focus on condensing total footage for the feature to help save time and money for this project.

So, again, I will be posting every Tuesday from now until July 28th specifically for this grant. Make sure to check out the production diary, featuring text and some vidcasts, for the grant research project entitled: 'Lambent Fuse: Moving Ideas Into Words And Then Into Action.'

Until next Tuesday, thanks for reading.

§ Matt
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