Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter from the Producers

Dear fans, followers, and fellow readers:

We at Stolen Arrow Films are doing something new with our film project entitled Lambent Fuse. We recognize that a film project is about more than just the film; it's about the people that create it, that work hard to help make it a reality. So, we're announcing something we plan on continuing and growing as the production days elapse.

The cast and crew put a lot of time and hard work into the early steps of Lambent Fuse, and we'd like to showcase some of the things these artists are doing outside of our project, more specifically what they're doing and creating in rest of the art community. We stress on keeping the film Minnesotan in as many aspects as possible, so as to tap into the surrounding and thriving art community that we all have grown to love so much. The more we work together, the greater our creations can become! So enjoy the updates and be sure to check out other resources about what's going on in your art community!

§ Matt Cici
Stolen Arrow Films

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