Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 10


Day 10 was probably one of the most anticipated days of the entire film. We're not going to say much about it (story-wise) besides it involving the location of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The MSP airport was a location we planned in the writing stages of the film and locked after several discussions with the great and helpful staff at the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

David Marketon, Co-writer/Producer of Lambent Fuse, and myself had scouted the airport for scene locations within days previous (and actually almost a year before). We feel this was a huge location accomplishment. It provides credibility toward the film and story, but it's also a place where not too many other films have taken place (and we plan to push Lambent Fuse as far as we can).

It was a first for most of the cast and crew in the location, so it served as a treat half-way through shooting. The place/staff were wonderful to work in/with. We filmed some pretty impressive shots and setups to make the scene as stunning as we could.

After finishing up a 5-hour shoot at the airport, we broke until dusk, when we filmed an emotional and dramatic scene with Freddie.

The day was a very productive one that had us wrapping each location and scene early.

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§ Matt Cici
Director/Co-writer of Lambent Fuse
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