Thursday, July 8, 2010



***Late Post***
We picked up right from where we left off. Day 2 had us with Keith & Becker up to no good, as usual. For one of the first time's working together on set while filming an action scene, we really put the Cast & Crew to the test and they delivered some rock solid performances.

As per usual, Becker's antics are hilarious and we think the audience will agree. We caught ourselves laughing while reviewing the footage pretty extensively. The new Keith, Nick Hansen, raised the intensity for the scene and really brought the production to a new level. We can really see our characters coming to life right before our eyes (which is awesome!).

This day was one of the most jammed pack. We had over 3 locations for the shoot and traveled to each. We had a carry-over from the previous day that we got to (one of our favorites), and it turned out amazing! We did have to cancel one scene and plan to reschedule it soon. But for everything else, we hit them solid and for the most part on time.

For only the second day on set and working together, we can only see great material being produced day after day.

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§ Matt Cici
Director/Co-writer of Lambent Fuse

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