Tuesday, July 6, 2010



We prepared for Day 4, the day after July 4th, as a two-day schedule. During the weekend the weather looked like it could either rain or be sunny during our shoot. So, we worked with that and made two call sheets: one for rain, and one for a sunny day (call sheets are pieces of paper that list the scenes, locations, actors, and crew needed, along with other important details).

The day started out sunny, so we shot with that call sheet during the morning. This was also the first time we used a dolly shot (moving/tracking camera) for the film, as well as a picture car (car used specifically for the film). The shoot went extremely well, and we were well ahead of schedule. In fact, the rain started to pour in the final minute of our shoot.

We then broke for lunch and tried to use the rain in one of our scenes in the script, but it didn't last long enough. So, we transitioned into our rain call sheet for the night shoot (from the sunny call sheet for the day shoot). This kept us mainly indoors, and we cruised into the night (as you can tell). It was a very nice start to the week, and we'll be shooting all week this week (maybe even 6 days) to try and wrap before the end of the month!

We have a call at 9AM tomorrow, so I'm off to get some rest before we start up another 12-hour day.

There may be a contest for 'The Blaze' tomorrow (June 6, 2010). Look for it!

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§ Matt Cici
Director/Co-writer of Lambent Fuse

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