Friday, July 9, 2010



This Thursday marked Day 7 of the shoot for Lambent Fuse. We had a late start because we shot late into the night for Day 6. After a couple consecutive successful days of heavy shooting days, we set out to tackle 3 intense scenes. We had the location for a majority of the day, but since these scenes required dressing and 3 different set ups (for the camera) for each, we had to move very quickly.

The actors came on set ready to roll, and with only with a small amount of dedicated rehearsal time they delivered some rock solid performances (and we're pumped for that day when you'll all be able to see the footage).

There were also a couple shots in these scenes that were very complex and hard to pull off. However, after some practice runs with careful movement from the Director of Photography, Zach Nelson, and the actors we pulled it off with very little wasted film/digital media.

So if not film, what camera are we shooting on? The Canon 5D Mark II, and it is a slick piece of equipment that really does wonders in helping expose and explore the human condition of our characters.

So, that's all for now, as I prepare for tomorrow's Day 8 shoot schedule (again another late start but long day).

Thanks for reading,
§ Matt Cici
Director/Co-writer of Lambent Fuse

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