Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 11


On Day 11 we reshot some scenes from our 17-hour day earlier this week, because we decided the style wasn't quite Keith and Becker enough. We have to admit this added time dedicated to shooting these scenes allowed the characters and cinematography to further develop.

On the weather end, however, we were tested physically. The day's temperature and heat index rose to well over 100 degrees, yet we pushed through in closed apartments, sun beating in on us. We made sure to drink lots of water and take breaks throughout the day (which also increased the time spent on location).

Then we moved downtown to Wells Fargo Place in the evening to shoot a scene many of you are familiar with. We ended up holding off until dark, because we had arrived a tad earlier than we planned.

However, over the entire day we shot almost 10 pages of the script. Once again, a very large accomplishment and one that pushes us closer to wrapping the film.

We ended up making a scene list of all the scenes left to shoot to 78. Which (little fact here), there are 160 scenes in the screenplay of Lambent Fuse (not including revised and added scenes, which are named with Letter Suffix like 6A, 6B). This was wonderful news, as it meant that the Lambent Fuse Cast and Crew had hit and passed the halfway mark when starting Day 12 shoot!

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§ Matt Cici
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