Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 14


Day 14 was the first of two days at the Police Station, where Lt. Phillip Richter (Matthew Feeney) works. The police station we shot at was located in Buffalo, MN and they were absolutely wonderful to the cast and crew. The officers were very accommodating and helped us all along the way. It was a bit of a drive out of the Twin Cities, but after arriving we shot a few set ups both in and outside of the station.

After a few scenes, we saw how quickly we were moving and decided to wrap the day's filming at this location before lunch (and wrapped an entire two hours early).

After heading back into the cities, we called for a couple quick pickups in the evening and late night. This marked the first and second main characters wrapped for the film in two different scenes: Freddie Goone (Rhett Romsaas), and Paul Dobbler (Eric Hansen), both on Day 14. Go ahead and watch the last shot with Freddie Goone below. This day was fairly light compared to a few of the previous, however the Cast & Crew worked just as hard throughout!

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