Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 15


Day 15 was one of the longest call sheets we've ever seen. In case you're unaware of what a call sheet is, it's basically a piece of paper that contains all the information all called (asked to be on set) talent and crew need. Start times, Locations, Scenes, Makeup times, etc. The reason it was so long was that we were shooting about 30 scenes and called about 10 more actors (extras/speaking roles) than we normally have on set. More talent means we needed some extra hands on set.

This was the second time we went up to the Police Station in Buffalo, MN to finish another whole day of shooting. It was also the last full day of shooting for the film. Being the second time, we set up a car pool situation that worked out fairly well, allowing talent and crew an option to save time and money. And we were being green, something we felt was important from the start and made sure to keep practicing (with recycling options on location when traveling and on set).

The day had us choreographing another trick shot and complicated outdoor setup. Once again the officers were very kind and willing to help out with anything. We wrapped Lt. Phillip Richter (Matthew Feeney) on Day 15.  We began at about 10AM and wrapped at about 7PM to head back for some pickups at Allison's Apartment. This was one of the most intense days yet, filming almost every minute of those hours, knocking out 12 pages (in about 7 hours not including lunch or dinner).

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