Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 16


Day 16 had us waking up at 3AM and shooting at 4AM. We had an early start at Go for it Gas in Brooklyn Park (a wonderful location and place to buy gas :) ). These guys were awesome as well! (A side note: we really had the best locations and hosts that we could have ever asked for. So thank you!)

The morning got off to a quick start, and we only had 2-3 hours to fit about 5 highly choreographed and dialogue driven scenes into. And we pushed hard and wrapped in time to head outdoors and shoot an additional 5 pages.

After we wrapped with the outdoors, we broke for an early lunch (11AM), and some talent and crew took a nap until the next call. We wrapped Keith Malone (Nick Hansen) and Vincent Becker (Dan Eckman-Thomas) on Day 16.

Day 16 was also day 1 of 2 of pickups. These pickups also included a trick shot and a scene with some extras. We sent out notices on Facebook for anyone college-aged to come and be a part of the scene. We had a very good showing and it was wonderful to involve the community once again! Our main goal, and it continues to be this, is to involve the community in the filmmaking process and integrate the Minnesota art community (as well as the world's if we can). For more information on this goal and other verbiage about the film and makers, please read our packets:

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