Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 17


Day 17 was a fairly easy day. We pushed a scene from the previous day (Day 16) due to weather conditions. So the final day (half day if you could even call it that) was used to shoot the final scene of principal photography, which actually happened to be the opening scene of the film! And after about an hour, we wrapped that scene. We also wrapped Allison Swanson on Day 17.

So, in an unreal 17 days (when in reality only about 15 days, since four were half days, we shot a feature film)! This doesn't really come into perspective until we note that we had put about 2 1/2 years into the process before a single day of shooting (which many of you are aware of).

I don't think it has still become a reality for me that this film is in the can, but that was a wonderful feeling saying those words, and for the last time "That's a wrap for Lambent Fuse". Looking in hindsight, we should have taken video of that. Oh well, we'll save that for the next film.

And for now, I'm off to the editing stage... where I'm sure to post updates, so stay tuned!

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