Friday, February 18, 2011

The Farewell Circuit to perform at 'The Blaze' Kickoff Event


The filmmakers of Lambent Fuse have announced more news about 'The Blaze' Kickoff Event! The Farewell Circuit, local group out of Minneapolis and featured in the film, will be playing at the event that night:

Thursday, March 24, 2011 at Intermedia Arts from 7-10pm.

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More on The Farewell Circuit:
The Farewell Circuit’s music can be described as Indie Rock, something like a mixture of Death Cab, Sigor Ros, and Radiohead.

The Farewell Circuit is made up of Geoff Hartnell, DJ House, & Danny O'Brien. Sometimes they are helped by their friends George Hadfield, Alex Young, & Dan Lawonn.

Nestled in the tropical paradise of Minneapolis, Minnesota where men are God’s among mortals; The Farewell Circuit has found a solid foothold in the music world. Incessant self produced releases mark the quintet’s constant transformation and evolution as a band and as real people discovering themselves in this labyrinth we call life. Their music has been showcased as immature pop-rock in its early stages and has more recently developed into a powerful-mature sound of catchy guitar melodies, soft piano lines, aggressive percussion all tied together with the graceful vocals of Danny O’Brien. This Musical ensemble’s roots extend deep; all the way back to Danny O’Brien’s initiation of a band later to be named The Farewell Circuit. Several cast changes in ensuing years would leave Danny as the only remaining member of the original five. His ear pinpointed the percussive styling of Geoff Hartnell and it wasn’t long before his younger brother Zach was recruited as the edgy and innovative lead guitarist. The young artists continued to enlist new fans and develop as a group until they had to bid farewell to their long-time friend and bassist Berook Addisu in the summer of 2005. Though disheartened, The Farewell Circuit would prove resilient and with the vigor of their newly converted bassist Evan McAllister, the group would be ready for any obstacles and any opportunities presented to them. The group recently realized boundless potential in Nate Gruber who would contribute his skill and wide understanding of piano, guitar, and harmony to an already developed sound. —

Official Website for The Farewell Circuit:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Michael Lee to perform at 'The Blaze' Kickoff Event


The filmmakers of Lambent Fuse have announced more news about 'The Blaze' Kickoff Event! Michael Lee, one of Minnesota's top performance poets and top 20 in the world at the Individual World Poetry Slam will be performing as the Spoken Word feature artsist that night:

Thursday, March 24, 2011 at Intermedia Arts from 7-10pm.

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More on Michael Lee:
Michael Lee has been gracefully crashing through life in Minnesota since 1988. A once frequenter of Emergency Rooms and other dimensions of existence and other such things he has been making his way more slowly and more peacefully since 09/29/08. He is one of Minnesota’s top performance poets, placing 3rd in collegiate nationals (CUPSI) representing The University of Minnesota, 2nd in adult regionals representing Minneapolis, and is recently placed top 20 in the world at the Individual World Poetry Slam.  Michael was a finalist, and one of the youngest, for the 2010 LOFT Literary Centers' Mentor Series in Poetry and Creative Prose. Michael has performed at rehabs, schools and shelters around the state. He is a youth counselor at a homeless shelter in North Minneapolis where he learns the difference between swimming and drowning. Sometimes he teaches poetry there, sometimes he performs it in the kitchen, and he may or may have not accidentally convinced youth that he is a professional skateboarder. They refuse to believe that he isn't. Michael has recently completed a book of poems and is working on finishing his first novel. You can contact him at or summon him with war horn or the promise of a good hug.

'The Blaze' Kickoff Gallery Contest Announced!


The filmmakers of Lambent Fuse have announced the Gallery Contest for ‘The Blaze’ Kickoff Event!

On March 24th, ‘The Blaze’ is partnering with Lambent Fuse & Intermedia Arts to give Minnesota’s artists the opportunity to showcase their work. 

We’re inviting visual artists of all mediums to present their work at Intermedia Art’s gallery. Each participating artist will be entered into a contest to win prizes that include T-shirts, gift cards, DVDs of Lambent Fuse - and MORE!

Enter and read the Rules at:

Come and celebrate Twin Cities art! Surround yourself with great music from local musicians, spoken words artists, visual artists, and much more. Visit with advocates of the mental health field speaking on the mental disorders featured in the film. Plus, be the first to watch the Official Trailer of Lambent Fuse, premiering ONLY that night! Get a chance to speak with the cast and crew, and above all support art in your community!

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