Friday, September 30, 2011

Lambent Fuse to screen at Highway 61 Film Festival


On Saturday, October 15, 2011, Lambent Fuse will screen at Pine City’s first annual Highway 61 Film Festival at Pine Technical College (900 Fourth St SE. Pine City, MN 55063) starting at approximately 4:00PM. Lambent Fuse is a character-driven story about a man who plunges into a detached world full of regret after recent and tragic events trigger his slide into depression. The choices of a depressive man, a kleptomaniac, two amateur thieves, a mysterious chef, and a corrupt cop cause their intertwining lives and dynamic outcomes.

Lambent Fuse recently was awarded Best Minnesota Feature and sold out within days at the Twin Cities Film Festival alongside the likes of Sundance Winner Like Crazy. This marks only the second screening for the emerging Minnesota film. It will be an afternoon of celebration and entertainment. More information about this event can be found on Highway 61 Film Festival’s website: or on the Facebook event page:

In addition to informing the audience of the film’s three years in-the-making, the filmmakers will be promoting the project’s initiatives, including the movie’s focus on mental health in film and involvement of community arts. For more information on this film project, check out the Lambent Fuse website:

Stolen Arrow Films is a Minnesota-based production company dedicated to creating and capturing original, compelling, and distinct narratives. The goal of Lambent Fuse is to shift the paradigm of the stereotypical mental conditions shown in mainstream cinema by portraying the reality of mental illness and human choices in an eye-opening and innovative manner. The project has involved over 100 Minnesota residents, supported many local businesses, and continues to spark engagement and involvement of all the state’s arts with its side project entitled ‘The Blaze’ — a movement dedicated to integrating the arts in Minnesota, and one that’s supported, showcased, and exposed 30+ artists to a new fan base well in the hundreds over the past six months.

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From the Film Fest

Lambent Fuse

September 23, 7:30pm
Director: Matt Cici
99 minutes

Lambent Fuse is a story about Freddie Goone, a man who plunges into a detached world full of regret after recent and tragic events trigger his slide into depression. Allison Swansonʼs kleptomania undermines her ability to hold a job and maintain a relationship with an emotionally detached and swiftly sinking Freddie. Paul Dobbler, a mysterious chef and past decorated foreign soldier, takes it upon himself to meddle in the life of a woman with whom he’s deeply infatuated. Phillip Richter seeks to overcome allegations that threaten his long sought-after promotion as police captain. Keith Malone and Vincent Becker embark on a series of robberies that land them in a situation that is way over their heads.

Director Bio:
Matt Cici makes his feature film directorial debut with Lambent Fuse. During his first collegiate spring break, he created “Eidolon,” a short film about a man wrestling for control of his schizophrenia, which won him praise and allowed him the opportunity to win several scholarships. Cici partnered up with friend David Marketon to write Lambent Fuse and then graduated from Hamline University with his own developed Film Studies major, alongside winning a grant to further polish the screenplay. He has previously won international acclaim with a few of his short films. These include “The Writer,” a short experimental film about a novelist struggling with writer’s block, which won the Augsburg Fine Arts Award in 2008, as well as the Phi Theta Kappa’s Video Arts Award in 2008.

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