Friday, December 9, 2011

Website Redesign and Beta Invite!


Welcome back to Lambent Fuse fun! We're redesigning our website for ease of navigation, coolness of look, and because we have something new we want to add and there's not enough room. Want to know what it is? Well we want you to...

So, simply visit THIS PAGE ( and check the box labeled "Website Beta Invite" to gain exclusive access to the new website before it launches. You'll be able to view the new Lambent Fuse website and features as they're being added, provide feedback on updates to the new and developing Lambent Fuse website, as well as get sneak peak access and other goodies!

Take the survey HERE!

We've been busy for a while, and you'll definitely want to get on board now before we start rolling out all of the exciting content and announcements we have in store.

We'll be rolling out other announcements on our Social Pages, so be sure to Add/Follow/Circle us:

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§ Lambent Fuse Team