Friday, January 27, 2012

Lambent Fuse unveils NEW Wallpapers!


Anticipating the Minnesota Premiere of the film Lambent Fuse, the makers have released numerous wallpapers with which to happily decorate your computers!

Among them is the long-awaited Character Wallpaper for Allison Swanson, played by Heidi Fellner. Prior versions of the wallpaper existed before with Emily Fradenburgh (now discontinued) who played Allison Swanson in the fundraising and development stages of Lambent Fuse (as well as in the Allison Swanson Character Trailer); however, Heidi Fellner was cast for the lead role in the emerging Minnesota independent drama.

Read up about Allison on the Official Lambent Fuse webpage or Character Wallpapers HERE.

Download the Official Character Wallpaper for Allison Swanson HERE!

Also included is the Character Wallpaper for Keith Malone, played by Nick Hansen. The Keith & Becker Character Wallpaper was treated as a duo and featured Tyler Jorgenson (who played Keith in the development phase as well).

Read up about Keith on the Official Lambent Fuse webpage or Character Wallpapers HERE.

Download the Official Character Wallpaper for Keith Malone HERE!

Lastly, the re-designed Tagline Wallpaper for Lambent Fuse is available for download as well. It features Freddie Goone (Rhett Romsaas) and Allison Swanson (Heidi Fellner) standing, frozen, in front of their apartment window.

The official tagline for Lambent Fuse reads: Everybody's got choices. They just don't know the outcomes. Make a choice.

Download the Official Lambent Fuse Tagline Wallpaper HERE!

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