Wednesday, March 25, 2009

100th Facebook Fan Winners

Congratulations to Joshua Scharber, Lambent Fuse's 100th fan on its Facebook Page, and Joehey Arnold for referring him. Both will receive an official poster of the film Lambent Fuse.

The unreleased poster, the poster that Scharber won, will be available for download as soon as it is printed, and Arnold chose "Allison Wallpaper 1." The two will be given signed copies of the official posters for the film Lambent Fuse.

Check back for more special promotions on each of Lambent Fuse designated sites, from Facebook to its official website.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st Anniversary Poster released on Facebook Page - Download Now!

Lambent Fuse celebrates its 1st Anniversary with the release of its newest wallpaper.

The wallpaper, codenamed Lambent Fuse Red, is a depiction of a human body lying on a carpeted bedroom floor, with a powerful red obscuring the figure.

It is available for immediate download via the Facebook Download wall tab, by clicking HERE.

Lambent Fuse has announced that the 100th Facebook member who becomes a fan of the movie will win a poster of their choice, signed by the director, as well as the Facebook member who referred that 100th fan.

You may become a fan by following this LINK.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lambent Fuse 1st Anniversary!

This Thursday, March 19th is the 1st Anniversary of the start of Lambent Fuse.

We are hoping to reach the goal of 100 fans on Facebook very soon, which would be an awesome way to celebrate the project's first birthday! So invite your friends and win a signed poster of your choice.

Follow Lambent Fuse on Twitter:

A newly revised version of the Lambent Fuse IM icon and Badge has been created and is available for download.

Download it and others at MySpace and Facebook:


Check under the "Downloads" wall tab

Lastly, a place for donations has now been created:
It's now on the blog, MySpace, and Facebook

Under the "Donate" wall tab.

Click on it and donate* any amount. Please send us your name so that we can list you in the credits. We are working on a system for larger donations to be listed as credited roles in the film's production (such as producers).
*Currently donators need to have or create a PayPal account; we are working on creating a way to donate through direct mail and credit cards via online.

Thanks for your support and keep reading up!

Lambent Fuse's Coming Soon List:
1. Updates to the website:
-email subscription list
-detailed donation information
2. More posters/wallpapers
3. Another teaser trailer