Thursday, December 3, 2009

Add Lambent Fuse to your iPhone/iPod Touch Home Screen

To add a LAMBENT FUSE icon to your iPhone/iPod Touch Home Screen:

1. Go to in your iPhone/iPod Touch Safari web browser.
2. Touch the "+" icon in the browser footer bar.
3. From the menu options, select "Add to Home Screen"
4. Select "Add"

VoilĂ ! A beautiful icon for easy access to the film’s website.

§ Lambent Fuse Cast and Crew

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Keith & Becker Character Wallpaper and Bio released!

The fans of Lambent Fuse have decided and they've voted to find out more about Keith Malone and Vincent Becker. Read up about Keith & Becker on the Official Page for the Lambent Fuse Character Wallpapers HERE.

Download the Official Character Wallpaper HERE!

Start voting for the January Character Wallpaper HERE.