Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get your music featured in a Lambent Fuse trailer!

Know an artist/musician? Are you one? The makers of Lambent Fuse are offering a chance for your/their song(s) to be used as music in the Allison Swanson Character Trailer.

This is a fantastic opportunity for exposure for new, up & coming, or established artists that want to work with fellow artists in the independent film world. Attracting over 270 fans on Facebook, including an ever increasing number of email subscribers in one of the largest art communities in the nation, the Lambent Fuse project is a wonderful opportunity for musicians — one the makers are excited to share.

There are two spots in the trailer where we’ll be able to showcase music. The music will play on speakers in an indie consignment shop — Everyday People Clothing might know the place. So, send us your songs, or links to them on the web to info [at] lambentfuse [dot] com, and we’ll make our selections.

Selected artist(s) will also receive a copy of the trailer before it actually releases!

We realize there may be many fans who don't know or have connections with some artists and musicians, but we'll be giving out a copy of the trailer before it's released to those fans who referred the artist our way, so you can surely share this announcement on the web, simply by copying a link to this blog post, or posting this PICTURE on your webspace (whether it be Facebook or a personal blog).

Check out the other character trailers just for the fun of it, HERE!

UPDATE: Read the full press release HERE!

You may also send in your songs via our new SoundCloud DropBox: Send me your track

NOTE: Contest has been extended until February 11th, 2010 at 11:59 CST. Submission winners will be asked to give the filmmakers of Lambent Fuse complete free use of their music for this trailer only, and in return will be credited in the trailer.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter from the Producers

Dear fans, followers, and fellow readers:

We at Stolen Arrow Films are doing something new with our film project entitled Lambent Fuse. We recognize that a film project is about more than just the film; it's about the people that create it, that work hard to help make it a reality. So, we're announcing something we plan on continuing and growing as the production days elapse.

The cast and crew put a lot of time and hard work into the early steps of Lambent Fuse, and we'd like to showcase some of the things these artists are doing outside of our project, more specifically what they're doing and creating in rest of the art community. We stress on keeping the film Minnesotan in as many aspects as possible, so as to tap into the surrounding and thriving art community that we all have grown to love so much. The more we work together, the greater our creations can become! So enjoy the updates and be sure to check out other resources about what's going on in your art community!

§ Matt Cici
Stolen Arrow Films

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keith & Becker Character Trailer and Promo

The makers of Lambent Fuse have released the Keith & Becker Character Trailer across the web. Today they have also announced their newest promotion, tying in with the character trailer. Fans of the Facebook Fan Page are encouraged to invite family and friends to join. The 300th fan and referrer wins a signed copy of the Keith & Becker Character Wallpaper from actors Tyler Jorgenson and Dan Eckman-Thomas respectively, a copy of the video game soundtrack, and other never before seen digital media goodies.

Watch the Keith & Becker Character Trailer below or in HD on YouTube HERE!

Start voting for the February Character Wallpaper to have a say in what trailer the filmmakers create next HERE!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Allison Swanson Character Wallpaper and Bio released!

The fans of Lambent Fuse have decided and they've voted to find out more about Allison Swanson. Read up about Allison on the Official Lambent Fuse webpage for Character Wallpapers HERE

Download the Official Character Wallpaper HERE!

Start voting for the February Character Wallpaper HERE.