Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 12


Day 12 was quite the packed day for the film. We started at 9 in the morning and headed over to location to do pickups from a the prior week that we weren't able to get (due to another tightly packed day). Luckily the sun was at the same angle in the sky (we timed it just right with the schedule) and carried about the same intensity as the previous clear sky day.

The day was mainly filled again with scenes of Allison Swanson (Heidi Fellner) and Freddie Goone (Rhett Romsaas) (almost 100% of the day's shoot were with just those two characters). However, the rest was with Freddie's sister, Emily Goone (Jennifer Mergen), a much anticipated fun shoot day.

All three actors came packed with energy, as did the crew. The day had us choreographing another trick shot, which we're very excited to share once the film has been completed. After several of these scenes, we broke for dinner and came back later in the night, where we invited a few wonderful extras to the night's shoot. We quickly fit in a pickup just before leaving, which had us running a little behind, but the speed quickened as the night sailed along and we wrapped before 1AM.

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