Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 13


Day 13 or Lucky # 13 as they say. We recreated another scene from something most of you may be familiar with. Once again, Everyday People Clothing Exchange were wonderful to us. The consignment shop was an instant win for the writers when thinking about a place where Allison works. We invited a few extras and some smaller speaking roles to the location that morning to share the space with us. Once again we were wrapping ahead of schedule and working quickly, obtaining many of the similar stylistic shots as in the Allison Swanson Character Trailer. The feel of the place was very important to us, and we spent a good amount of time allowing for that to come out more fully than the trailer even did.

Afterward, we broke for lunch and headed back to Allison's Apartment to continue with scenes with her and Freddie. These were fairly quick and beautifully shot by the Director of Photography (Zachary Nelson) (check out the production still below!).

Then we headed out to shoot a few scenes with Paul Dobbler (Eric Hanson). The place took a while to set up. We had to dress his room and kitchen with some artifacts. It looked really nice and Dobbler of course was happy. All in all, it was a very efficient day.

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